Tiger’s eye meaning & healing properties

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Tiger’s Eye is a stone with an element of duality.

It combines Earth’s energy with the Sun’s energy and can draw spiritual energy down to be grounded in the Earth and our physical existence.

When placed on the Third Eye, this crystal can enhance psychic abilities, and when used on the lower chakras, it activates and vitalizes Kundalini energy.

Tiger’s Eye origin

South Africa, from the Northern Cape Region, is the primary source of Tiger’s Tail.

While rare worldwide, the abundance of South African deposits is sufficiently extensive to make Tiger’s Eye very accessible. It is one of the astrological signs of the Capricorn birthstones.

The stone formed when the Quartz takes over the Crocidolite and dissolves it, leaving the Quartz in a finely fibrous and chatoyant form.

When the stone is polished, its silky luster creates a beautiful chatoyant effect of moving layers of brown and yellow lines and waves.

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

The vibration of Tiger’s Eye promotes the qualities of discernment and understanding.

Its name derives from its resemblance to a cat or tiger’s eye, and like the tiger, the stone confers courage, self-confidence, and strength.

It is partly made up of Quartz and will amplify and enhance other stones’ vibrations if placed next to them.

It is especially helpful to anyone who is practical and “earthy” and wishes to access their more spiritual qualities and psychic abilities.

This crystal has long been regarded as a talisman for protection and good luck by various tribes and societies down the ages.

Traditionally, people use it as a shield against ill wishes and curses. You can use it to promote the qualities of integrity and the correct use of power or authority.

Tiger’s Eye is known as the “all-knowing, all-seeing” stone. It combines the wisdom and knowledge of both the rational, logical brain and the intuitive, often ancient wisdom we all hold in our subconscious.

How Can Tiger’s Eye Benefit You?

Wearing or carrying a piece of Tiger’s Eye brings many benefits.

It is a very grounding stone and can help you to stay calm even in the eye of the storm.

It also promotes clarity of thinking and can be of great assistance if your thoughts tend to be scattered and lack logical coherence.

Tiger’s Eye also confers emotional and physical health benefits, from personality disorder to broken bones.

Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Properties

Tiger’s Eye has an energizing effect on the etheric body.

You can use it to bring mind and body into harmony and balance due to its impact on the Yin/Yang energies flowing through the body’s meridians and organs.

You can use it to clear negativity from the various layers of the human body’s electromagnetic field and promote a healthy flow of Life Force energy by connecting our human vibration to that of the Universe and the Divine.

Protection and Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye frequencies can be extreme and powerful. It means that the elderly, children and more vulnerable people should be careful of over-exposure to the vibrations of this crystal.

However, its very strength is what makes Tiger’s Eye so effective at shielding us from harmful vibrations, energies, and entities that may be trying to invade our etheric space.

Varieties of Tiger’s Eye

In addition to Tiger’s Eye’s generic metaphysical properties, the gemstone’s specific colors have their individual qualities:

Blue Tiger’s Eye is a calming, nurturing stone. It can help with feelings of anxiety and phobias. You can use it for its therapeutic influence on an over-active libido and dissolve feelings of sexual frustration.

Gold Tiger’s Eye is the right choice for anyone prone to become complacent. It draws our attention back to details and helps us to act from reason rather than emotion.

Red Tiger’s Eye can help overcome lethargy as it is a very stimulating form of this crystal. It will help you to find the motivation you need to complete projects and achieve goals.

Tiger’s Eye Health and Emotional Benefits

Do you ever find that it is challenging to decide what you want?

Tiger’s Eye can improve your discernment powers and help you order your thoughts and feelings more productively to focus on the essential things in life.

Sometimes, others’ opinions sway you into believing that you need certain things in your life before you can be happy.

This crystal helps you uncover the truth, in your soul, regarding what you need to fulfill your purpose in this life. From this knowledge comes contentment and a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Self-Worth and Tiger’s Eye

If you are the type of person, who feels that everyone else knows better than you do, or looks better than you do, or is smarter than you, call upon the energies of Tiger’s Eye to give you a reality check.

This crystal heals self-criticism and lack of self-esteem by encouraging you to recognize your talents, skills, and gifts.

It also helps you be honest with yourself about your faults or shortcomings  and to overcome them.

Physical Health Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

Physically Tiger’s Eye can help to overcome addictions and initiate healthy changes in lifestyle.

You can use it to heal disorders of the throat and reproductive organs.

Tiger’s Eye is used to help heal broken bones.

Tiger’s Eye treats the eyes’ conditions, such as conjunctivitis and styes, swollen or itchy eyelids, and Dry Eye. It also supports better night vision.

Tiger’s Eye and Chakras 

Tiger’s Eye is a handful of crystals that are very versatile when it comes to using them to balance or cleanse the chakras.

These crystals’ energies are a combination of Earth and Spirit and the Sun’s power, making it the right choice for a complete chakra healing.

Solar Plexus and Tiger’s Eye

This stone vibrates most closely with the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Golden Tiger’s Eye is especially useful when working on this chakra.

It can help relieve tightness in the Solar Plexus area on a physical level and rebalancing and harmonize the flow of energy from the Solar Plexus to the Heart and Sacral chakras.

The Solar Plexus is the center that holds both fear and bliss. These two cannot co-exist.

Tiger’s Eye crystals in the Solar Plexus region (just below the breastbone) will encourage this chakra to open and let go of the vibrations of fear, making space for joy and bliss to enter your energy system.

Sacral Chakra and Tiger’s Eye

Red tiger’s Eye and the deeper shades of Gold Tiger’s Eye work to bring the Sacral chakra’s energies into harmony and balance. This chakra holds our creativity and passions.

When it is working correctly, we may feel nothing we cannot accomplish in life.

It helps us to appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of all sorts, incredibly sensual pleasures such as food, listening to music, and sex.

If your Sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, you may feel a lack of interest in anything, depression, and apathy.

Tiger’s Eye can gently open up this chakra to clear and vibrant the flow of energy.

Base Chakra and Tiger’s Eye

Your Base or Root chakra governs your feelings of safety and security in the physical world.

If it is out of balance, you may be prey to unfounded fears and anxieties regarding your emotional and physical well-being.

Use Tiger’s Eye to help you reconnect with the loving power of Mother Earth, which keeps you safe and grounded at all times.

Third Eye Chakra and Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye carries a vibration of spiritual connection along with its more earthy, grounding qualities.

It can be very beneficial for people who wish to access their spiritual or psychic gifts and abilities, especially if they are usually very tethered to the Earth and the practical or pragmatic aspects of life.

Place a piece of Tiger’s Eye or Hawk’s Eye (a specific variety of the stone) on your brow as you begin to relax into meditation.

Ask that your own Third Eye be gently opened to enable you to access your inner wisdom and intuition.

It will also help you connect with your spirit guide and guardian angel if you set this intention and remain relaxed and open-minded. 

Thoughts on the Power of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has excellent powers of protection. It will help to keep you from harm in many ways, physically and psychologically.

The vibration of this stone is extreme and powerful. You can harness it to help you access deep-rooted emotional causes of physical ailments as well as beginning the clearing and healing process in a supportive way.

Tiger’s Eye can be used to clear away negative energies from your aura and your environment and to protect against geopathic stress.

It can stimulate and activate psychic ability and is excellent for grounding spiritual energy down into the body.

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