Obsidian Necklace – Talisman

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Eliminate that negativity from your life by warding it away with the Black Obsidian Talisman Necklace.

Simple and elegant, it is hand-carved into a hexagram.

  • 100% high-quality natural black obsidian
  • Cubic-shaped Hexagram
  • Polished to perfection
  • Adjustable necklace rope chain
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Why do you need the Black Obsidian Talisman Necklace?

Protect positive energy flowing through you from those who dare to taunt it. Everyone knows someone that virtually sucks the life out of them. They always have a crisis or drama that can never fully be extinguished.

Every time you encounter these kinds of people, you know how completely you exhausted feel. While it’s easier said than done to avoid those emotional vampires, they can spring out of the woodwork at the most unsuspecting of times, leaving you too depleted to take care of your own needs.

Eliminate that negativity from your life by warding it away with the Black Obsidian Talisman Necklace. Simple and elegant, it is hand-carved into a hexagram. The stone is one of powerful protection and fashioned into this sensual shape, and it bears a deeper meaning that stands guard over your energy.

Symbolizing the macrocosm’s generative powers, the upward-pointing triangle is the divine masculine creative force, while the opposite end is feminine. The balance is perfect for symbolizing the heart chakra as well, opening up these lines and clearing negative energy away from them.

How to use your Black Obsidian Talisman Necklace?

Step 1: Find a quiet and zen place. Wear your Obsidian Necklace and clear your mind of any negativity. You may like to do a breathing exercise or meditate with your talisman for a few minutes.

Step 2: Say your intention aloud or in your head. “With my Black Obsidian by my side, I’m a warrior, not a worrier”.

Step 3: Crystal cleansing: To cleanse your stones, you can use any of these stones (quartz, amethyst or selenite). Place your stone directly inside or on top of any of these stones. It’s thought that the stone’s vibrations remove the inharmonious energies found in the resting stone.

What are the other product details?

– The adjustable rope chain length is 71 cm (27.95 in) and it’s adjustable.

– Our high-quality natural Black Obsidian: (Height: 3cm / 1.18 in, Width: 2.6cm / 1.02 in, Depth: 0.9cm / 0.35 in).

– Packed in an elegant black velvet pouch along with our polishing cloth to help keep your stones look their best year after year.

– Shipped with your Magnetjewel complementary Club Member card to earn Points that Never Expire.

Black obsidian talisman necklace with velvet pouch and member card

Wear to Clear Negativity

Defend yourself from the evil eye, damaging spells, heartbreak, malice, and negativity. Tied together with a rope chain, this positive energy force is powerful enough to ward away unwanted elements while bringing in more courage and resilience. Your energy will be safe and sound everywhere you are, no matter who dares to challenge it.

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Black obsidian talisman necklace
Obsidian Necklace – Talisman
$ 38.00