Chakra Tassel

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You know you can feel it when your energy and chakras are off-balance. But what can you do about it?

The Seven Chakra Healing Tassel is the simplest and most beautiful way to clear away the obstructions to your usual energy flow.

  • 100% high-quality natural stones
  • Polished to perfection
  • Rope chain cord
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Why do you need the Chakra Tassel?

As the force of the universe is in all of us, knowing how to channel that power in the body and mind is essential for letting the real you shine with glory. Open them up with this healing tassel, designed to unblock the life force energy in your 7 chakras.

Made with a set of handcrafted stones, each selected to bring peace and balance to mind, body, and spirit, you will soon feel the blockage clear away so that positive energy floods within you. At the end of this gorgeous stone, tassel resides a splendid miniature tassel of 7 chakra crystal chips for added positivity.

Each stone that you see has been chosen to help align each of your chakras:

Clear quartz – This brings balance to the crown chakra. It has undeniable healing properties that can work in any condition, reinforcing good intentions, especially when uttered while in the presence of this tassel.

Amethyst – As the symbol of the third chakra of the eye, it inspires creativity and imagination while giving you the strength to pursue these ideas. It elicits a feeling of happiness that comes from deep within.

Lapis lazuli – This beautiful stone stimulates the throat chakra. It is full of positive energy and allows you to ease deep self-reflection in a relaxed and uplifting way.

Aventurine – Open your heart chakra with the stone that helps you love your own self with all you’ve got. It purges negativity by connecting with the spiritual heart.

Tiger’s eye – Protective to allow your strength and courage to shine. This boosts the solar plexus chakra. For better decision-making without fear and anxiety, it helps you make the right and rational choices for your life.

Red aventurine – Find your own inner beauty in the most calming of ways. Serve the sacral chakra with this soothing gemstone that boosts health and vitality by encouraging the mind and body to regulate blood pressure naturally.

Red agate – At the end of the tassel, the root chakra is activated by this crystal that protects and grounds energy. Even when things are attempting to deplete your energy through their vicious intensity, you will remain fully grounded and centered in times of chaos.

How to use your Chakra Tassel?

Follow these steps to enjoy all the benefits of your Chakra Tassel:

Step 1: Find a zen space. Clear your mind of clutter. Hold your Chakra Tassel in your hands, say aloud or in your head: I am a positive soul.

Step 2: Reaffirm your intention: Once your intention is set, keep your crystal with you in order to keep your goal at the forefront of your mind.

Step 3: Crystal cleansing: Selenite stones can purify your Chakra Tassel of their negativity by just laying them on the stone for at least six hours or more.

What are the other product details?

– Our Chakra Tassel stones come in different shapes and sizes. The approximate diameter is 0.70 – 0.86 in (18 – 22 mm). With a length of 11.02 in (28 cm).

– Packed in an elegant black velvet pouch along with our polishing cloth to help keep your stones look their best year after year.

– Shipped with your Magnetjewel complementary Club Member card to earn Points that Never Expire.

Chakra tassel with velvet pouch and member card

Use it for Healing & Strength

Together in one stunning design, these protective stones are the driving force behind the Jupiter Protection Stones Bracelet, To get the most out of the 7 Chakra Healing Tassel, you should keep it with you always to guard you and bring positivity to you at home, work, or while in transit.

Reciting your affirmations in tune with each chakra helps enhance its effects, especially when you hold it in your hands during meditation for greater strength and support of these stones.

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Lovely tassel

Thank you MJ for this lovely chakra tassel. I use it daily during my meditation.

Chakra tassel
Chakra Tassel
$ 44.00