Chakra Stones

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That feeling of being imbalanced can affect every part of your life.

Pull it all back together and get even more out of the universe when you carry the Seven Chakra Stones in a soft velvet pouch to call upon to restore positive energy.

  • 100% high-quality natural stones
  • Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Clear Quartz
  • Polished to perfection
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Why do you need the Chakra Stones?

It’s no coincidence that the crystals are the colors that match each chakra. They all present their form of healing and energy. These strong and tumbled stones are the answer to restoring balance in all areas of your life, whether you’re finding mental, physical, or psychological imbalances, or even a bit of each.

Try the 7 Chakra Stones with reiki, meditation, curative, healthy chakra, rituals, or a chakra wall. Each stone speaks to the 7 chakras to restore your balance with ease.

Here’s what each of your chakras and their corresponding stones means:

1st: Root Chakra: This chakra, represented with red jasper, has incredible grounding capabilities. It stimulates the sexual and vital forces within, removing the negativity that surrounds them.

2nd: Sacral Chakra: Through carnelian, this chakra is the one that helps you be fully aware of the amazing person you are and brings you closer to the drive for positive changes.

3rd: Solar Chakra: With yellow jade, solar chakra is the source of your pleasure and brilliance. Ignite it to see your fullest potential rise to the occasion.

4th: Heart Chakra: The 4th chakra for the heart is symbolized with green aventurine. It opens the pathways to let love, bliss, and harmony come in.

5th: Throat Chakra: With the lapis lazuli, you will have the most remarkable ability to speak with intention and positivity and listen to others in the same confident regard.

6th: Third Eye Chakra: Rock crystal taps you in to your 6th chakra where your vision and clarity is enhanced for effectiveness.

7th: Crown Chakra: Through amethyst, your 7th chakra is activated. This is the center for spiritual wakefulness and divine relation.
Tune into all your chakras and experience a flood of positivity in every area you need.

How to use your Chakra Stones?

Step 1: Hold your stones in your hands Say aloud or in your head: I activate these stones.
Then, say your intention 11 times: “My chakras are aligned.” Find a comfortable position laying down flat on your back. Place your stones accordingly.
Leave your stones on your body for 11 minutes

Step 2: Bring your intention to mind. Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals, bring your intention to mind.

Step 3: Crystal cleansing: To cleanse your stones, lay them on selenite stone for at least six hours (but the longer the better).

What are the other product details?

– Our Chakra Stones come in different shapes and sizes. The approximate diameter is 0.98 in (25 mm).
– Packed in an elegant black velvet pouch along with our polishing cloth to help keep your stones look their best year after year.
– Shipped with your Magnetjewel complementary Club Member card to earn Points that Never Expire.

Chakra stones with velvet pouch and member card

Use it for Energy & Harmony

Each of the 7 included stones matches the 7 chakras to remove the blockage to energies and bring back your balance. You’ll find the harmony you’ve been searching for thanks to this rainbow of positive energy mirroring your spirit.

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Chakra stones
Chakra Stones
$ 40.00