Lapis lazuli meaning & healing properties

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The deep blue color of this crystal is reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful reminder that we are all connected to the beauty of nature at all times.

Lapis Lazuli opens the throat chakra and enhances spiritual enlightenment. It also facilitates spiritual journeying and enables us to engage in deep soul work, stimulating personal and spiritual power.

In this article, we will look at the benefits and properties of this crystal, how you can harness its power, and how you can use it to benefit yourself and others.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for releasing stress and bringing in the energies of serenity and peace. It is also a protective stone that contacts your spirit guardians.

It is exceptional to recognize a psychic attack, block it, and then return it to the source.

Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its powers of reversing curses or ill-wishing. That may have occurred in the past and for dispelling the negative consequences of these vibrations in the present. 

How Will Lapis Lazuli Benefit You?

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier that stimulates the mind’s higher faculties and brings objectivity and clarity to your thought processes.

It also encourages creativity and helps you to confront the truth of any situation you find yourself in. 

It teaches the value of active listening and aids you in expressing your own opinions, thus harmonizing conflict and opening the way to resolution.

One of the most unusual properties of Lapis Lazuli is its ability to dissolve the effects of martyrdom, cruelty, and suffering.  

Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties

Lapis Lazuli is sometimes called a “conflict stone,” but that does not mean that the stone will cause arguments or make disagreements worse!

Lapis Lazuli uncovers truths about yourself and your situation that you have been ignoring or minimizing. Without judgment or blaming yourself, ask yourself if you have been acting the martyr lately.

Have you suffered in silence or taken on much more than your fair share of the work? If so, it is time to face your nature, be honest with yourself and others, and take back your power.

Lapis Lazuli will set boundaries and allow you to live in emotional honesty with those around you.

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent asset for spiritual development. It opens and activates your Third Eye and brings clarity of thought to any confusion you have about your spiritual path and destiny.

Unique properties of Lapis Lazuli 

You can use Lapis Lazuli to treat alcohol and drug addictions. Lapis lazuli helps children and adults who are highly intelligent, have Asperger’s Syndrome or autistic tendencies, or have insomnia.

Emotional Health benefits of Lapis Lazuli 

You can use Lapis Lazuli for calming rage and anger. When you use the stone in meditations to heal your inner child, you will find that Lapis Lazuli has very supportive and reassuring energy.

It brings peace and tranquility when emotions and tempers are running high. Use Lapis Lazuli to help anyone recovering from the effects of abuse, physical, mental, and emotional. 

One of the most incredible benefits of Lapis Lazuli regarding emotional health is the way it allows you to take full responsibility for yourself and your actions.

If you know that you tend to blame others for your misfortunes, take a few moments to hold a piece of Lapis in your hand and dig deep into the issue that is causing you anger, frustration, or unhappiness.

Once you stop blaming other people, you will find that your life improves.

Physical Health Benefits of Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli has many physical health benefits. It is suitable for easing pain, especially headaches and migraines. It also has a beneficial effect on the conditions of the Throat, neck, and ears.

Lapis Lazuli is a cleansing stone for the internal organs and boosts the immune system. It also treats insomnia and vertigo.

Lapis Lazuli can get to the root of any health problem, meaning that it is very beneficial in establishing the cause of any physical malaise.

It teaches you to recognize habits, thought patterns, and emotions that can sabotage your physical healing. 

Lapis Lazuli and Chakras

The powerful vibrations of Lapis Lazuli are aligned closely with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. We are not always aware when our chakras are out of balance, so it is worth spending some time becoming familiar with each chakra’s functions and responsibilities.

In the case of the Throat chakra, this includes all forms of communication. When this chakra requires rebalancing or cleansing, this imbalance can show itself in both fear and aggression.

Throat Chakra

Do you feel that others always hear you? Are you comfortable in expressing your opinions and beliefs, regardless of what others might say or think?

If so, your Throat chakra is working as it should. However, most of us hold back on expressing what we believe are controversial opinions for fear of upsetting people.

If your Throat chakra has become blocked because of this or because you are too fearful of expressing yourself, trying using Lapis Lazuli to clear negativity from your Throat chakra.

Allow the stone’s energies to transmute all lies, half-truths, and unspoken hurts into positive, healing vibrations.

The cleansing effects of using Lapis Lazuli in this way means that you can stand up for yourself and others in a safe, powerful, and positive way. It enables you to speak your truth with confidence. 

Third Eye Chakra

Suppose your Third Eye chakra is out of balance or under-active. In that case, you will find yourself paying too much attention to accumulating material possessions to fill the void that your spiritual self is feeling.

A blocked Third Eye leads to feeling lost or even abandoned by the source. Use the energies of Lapis Lazuli to rebalance and activate your spiritual self so that you can access your celestial support teams and make strong connections with Divine or Cosmic wisdom.

Working with Lapis Lazuli on your Third eye brings the added benefits of improving your meditation practices.

It clears your inner vision so that you can see the next steps you need to take on your path towards fulfilling your spiritual destiny.

Thoughts on the Power of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone that recognizes psychic attack, which it then blocks and returns to the sender. It also has the power to block curses.

Use it with care. When someone is tempted to curse someone else, this stone amplifies the karmic effect, and the curse can rebound onto the sender.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone for clairvoyance and pre-cognition work. If you are a healer, you will find this stone helpful in assimilating the messages you receive from the spirit. It is also suitable for dream-work, shamanic and astral journeys, and past-life regression therapies.

If you have any of these modalities’ experiences or happens to know, please take a moment to share your wisdom by using the comments box below.

Lapis Lazuli is, above all, a stone of truth. It brings clarity of mind and facilitates the process of uncovering facilities to uncover forgotten memories, buried traumas, or unspoken feelings.

It is very beneficial for tackling instances of denial and will help you to see your true nature. It works by bringing old, outdated, or repressed memories, thoughts, and emotions into your conscious mind to deal with them safely.

Lapis Lazuli also brings insights into the true nature of others. It will enable you to uncover deception and lies, which may be detrimental to you. It will also show you how to separate truth from illusion in all areas of your life.  

Mental Health

Lapis Lazuli is a beneficial and useful stone for dealing with all aspects of mental health. It brings clarity and objectivity to complex subjects and encourages you to find creative and imaginative solutions.

It harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit and teaches you the value of active listening. When you start to feel that you lack purpose, you may be in danger of becoming depressed.

Suppose you start to feel apathetic, overwhelmed by difficulties, or merely lacking in motivation.

In that case, this is probably a sign that you need to bring your spiritual self more firmly into your physical reality. Lapis Lazuli is excellent for this, and using the stone’s properties to help you rediscover your joy and bliss in life brings enormous mental health benefits.

Lapis Lazuli prevents negative thoughts from becoming ingrained habits and karmic patterns. It heals by releasing negative views and ushering in a more optimistic outlook.

It also enhances our abilities to learn and teach, which positively affects our self-esteem and gives us a sense of achievement and purpose in life. To maintain a healthy mental state, we all need to learn acceptance.

Lapis Lazuli teaches us to embrace our talents and gifts, avoid damaging self-talk and blame, and move out of our everyday mundane thought patterns into an expanded awareness of ourselves, our spiritual journey, and what we are truly capable of.

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