Jasper meaning & healing properties

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Jasper is a unique stone. It is known as the supreme nurturer because it sustains and supports both body and mind during stressful times.

It is possible to find Jasper in various colors, including red, brown, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  

In this article, we will uncover some of the truths behind Jasper’s powers and properties and look at ways in which you can use this crystal for your benefit and help others.

Jasper Meaning 

Jaspers brings tranquility and happiness. It unifies all aspects of a person’s life and reminds all people that we must help each other.

It is excellent for aligning the chakras and can be used in chakra layouts and healing grids.  

How Will Jasper Benefit You?

Wearing or carrying a piece of Jasper with you gives you access to the nurturing vibrations of this stone at all times.

This will bring you the support you need if you feel the effects of stress and remind you to be kind to others.

Jasper has the power to balance the Yin and Yang energies of the body and to align the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of ourselves so that we experience a feeling of completeness.

Jasper’s Metaphysical Properties

Jasper’s metaphysical properties include its ability to cleanse and clear the atmosphere of unwanted or harmful environmental pollution.

Taped to a cell phone, it will neutralize the electromagnetic waves these products emit and used in the office; it clears the air of static electricity caused by human-made fibers and fluorescent strip lighting. 

Jasper Color Properties

Each of the different colors of Jasper carries its vibration and exceptional properties for healing.

Brown Jasper

This variety of Japer is perfect for grounding and balancing you to feel stable and in control. It facilitates deep meditation and reveals karmic causes of physical illnesses.

Brown Jasper should also be called upon when you wish to strengthen your resolve to give up harmful habits such as smoking. 

Blue Jasper

Blue Jasper connects you to the spiritual world, mostly through its alignment with the Throat chakra’s energies. It balances feminine and masculine vibrations and stabilizes the aura. If you wish to fast, this stone will sustain your life while you go without food. 

Green Jasper  

This crystal is perfect for emotional healing and is especially helpful with obsessions, whether these refer to another person or a set of behaviors.

If parts of your life have started to be all-consuming, which has detrimental effects on others, green Jasper will balance your thoughts and feelings so that you become more realistic and reasonable. 

Green Jasper stimulates the Heart Chakra. It releases old or stagnant energies and allows the Heart chakra to open to both giving and receiving love on all levels.

Green Jasper heals the upper torso’s ailments, including the digestive tract, lungs, and physical heart. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper has a particular vibration that is capable of rectifying injustice in certain situations. It grounds your energy and also calms your emotions.

Red Jasper is an excellent choice for mandalas, tumble stones, or “worry beads” because of its ability to illuminate difficult situations and show the way to solve problems. If you want to recall your dreams, place this crystal under your pillow.

Red Jasper is a good ally when used in any form of past life regression therapy and promotes rebirthing or new beginnings once the past traumas have been cleared away. 

Red Jasper is a powerful stone of health on all levels. It is a strong stone that supports all of the body’s systems so that they function healthily.

It also brings emotional strength and is an excellent choice for alleviating any mental health issues.

Yellow Jasper 

The cheerful yellow and golden hues of this variety of Jasper remind us that we need to allow joy into our lives. It is aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the seat of both bliss and fear.

These two emotions cannot exist in the same space, and yellow Jasper clears ways the negative vibrations of fear, transmuting them into positive feelings of joy and optimism. 

Black Jasper 

Black Jasper is a beneficial stone for use in prophecy or scrying. It takes the user deep into altered states of consciousness and facilitates visions, astral travel, and soul-journeying.

Picture Jasper 

You have only to look at the unique marking on Jasper’s form to realize how special and unusual its properties are. It is called “picture Jasper” because the patterns and swirls found in this stone’s specimens sometimes look as if they have been painted on by a human hand.

It is often described as being representative of the Earth Mother speaking to her children. It brings powerful messages from the past to those who take the time to read them.

It uncovers and brings to the surface feelings of envy, guilt, and hatred. Once these are unearthed, it facilitates their healing by bringing in the vibrations of pure love. 

Emotional Health Benefits of Jasper

Emotionally Jasper is an excellent stone for soothing frayed nerves and bringing in the energies of comfort and reassurance.

It will dissolve feelings of fear and anxiety and bring peace of mind. It is also a perfect crystal for allowing us to appreciate and be mindful of the happiness that others bring to our lives. 

Jaspar provides psychological support when we need to face our problems and the determination to tackle anything that causes us pain or discomfort in our relationships with others.

It opens up the blocked or stagnant energies of the energy meridians, which allows us to face the truth about our emotional state. If this needs to be addressed,

Jasper will bring you the courage you need to take the necessary action. Jasper is excellent for transforming ideas into action, especially when these ideas are for your mental health benefit. 

Physical Health Benefits of Jasper 

Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. It balances the body’s mineral content and aids in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals by the bloodstream.

Jasper’s vibrations bring the body’s systems into harmony and alignment and work powerfully on regenerating damaged or injured tissues.  

Jasper and Chakras

All varieties of Jasper can be used in chakra layouts and for balancing the energies of the chakra system. Jasper is both nurturing and cleansing and is very efficient when used to clear out stagnant or outmoded emotions and the negative vibrations of fear, doubt, or anger.

It can then replace the blocked and negative energy with lively, free-flowing Life Force energy.

Using Red Jasper on the Base and Sacral and chakras allow you to ground yourself fully into the Earth’s life-enhancing energies. 

Yellow Jasper purifies and clears the Solar Plexus, dispelling fear and replacing it with joy. 

Green Jasper will activate, open, and heal the Heart chakra. It will replace old feelings of mistrust or betrayal with compassion and understanding, making room for love to enter your life. 

Blue Jasper allows the Throat chakra to be cleared of all of the effects of telling lies and even small untruths.

It removes the negative vibrations which can block this chakra when we are too afraid to express ourselves. It brings in the courage and confidence we need to speak our truths confidently and clearly.  

Thoughts on the Power of Jasper 

Jasper has the power to bring about change in all areas of your life. It is both a protective and a transformative stone, able to get you the energy, resources, beliefs, and courage you need to make significant changes so that everyone benefits. 

Its vibrations emanate warmth and comfort, soothing the soul and comforting the physical body.  

Jasper nurtures you, but it also promotes and protects those around you. It brings joy in abundance and reminds you to share your happiness with others, as well as your gifts of physical abundance. In this way, it acts as an amplifier for all the good things in life.

Jasper provides us with useful insights when we feel isolated and encourages the use of enforced periods of solitude to develop our self-awareness and deepen our spiritual connections. 

One of Jasper’s most useful powers is its ability to cut right to the heart of the matter. It ruthlessly exposes old truths, as well as old lies, that may be stuck in your energy field, causing you pain in the present and depleting your vital energy.

Once it has exposed these damaging vibrations, it can support you when you decide to let go of them and heal. 

Many people find that they are more drawn to one color of Jasper than another. Do you have a favorite? If so, please share your thoughts and experiences of working with Jasper in the comments boxes below.

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