Hematite meaning & healing properties

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With its black, glossy surface and heavy presence, hematite is a crystal that demands to be noticed. Hematite is naturally slightly magnetic, and people fitted with pacemakers should take extra care if working with this stone.

Magnetic Hematite jewelry is, in fact, not made from hematite at all. It is sometimes referred to as the Blood Stone because raw hematite can be covered in red particles of iron-rich Earth or rock.

This article will cover everything you need to know about hematite crystals: their meaning and benefits, how to spot fake hematite, their energy properties, and their uses.

Hematite Meaning

The name hematite derives from the Greek word “haema” for “blood” in reference to its red color. Hematite is a natural iron oxide mineral, so it is a reasonably heavy stone.

Scientists believe man was using hematite 164,000 years ago. This mysterious stone with a silvery shine is linked to the silver color rays, and its bright and clear iridescence is reminiscent of the moonlight.

The first thing you will discover when you look for the meaning of hematite is that it is one of the best choices for any form of grounding or earthing rituals.

Hematite has a vibration closely aligned to the Base or Root chakra frequency and offers protection on physical and spiritual planes.

Hematite also provides the wearer strength and courage.

How To Spot Fake Hematite?

There’s real hematite (non-magnetic), and then there’s magnetic hematite (fake).

Natural Hematite is not naturally magnetic. There’s a small teeny-weeny little magnetic charge in natural hematite, but nothing you’d be able to feel.

Magnetic hematite is human-made. But we’re easily fooled by it because it looks just like polished natural hematite with that mirrored finish.

  • Is it magnetic? Then it isn’t real
  • If it’s chipped & it’s white inside, then it isn’t real (genuine hematite is a rusty reddish, brown)
  • If you do a streak test & it’s grey, it isn’t real (real hematite streak is also a rusty reddish, brown

Now that being said, this does not mean that wearing magnetic hematite bracelets won’t work for you. The magnetic effects may indeed be doing you much good.

How Can Hematite Benefit You?

Hematite has several benefits. It can support you physically and emotionally and is prized for its ability to balance Yin and Yang energies, align your emotional and physical bodies with each other, and harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Hematite Metaphysical Properties

People use hematite for protection during soul journeys and deep meditation when they wish to experience astral travel.

This crystal has a strong Yang or masculine vibration, encouraging dynamic action, and focusing on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Yang energy is essential in keeping the meridians in balance and countering an excess of yin, or passive, energy.

Hematite as a Protective Stone

Hematite dissolves negativity, preventing others’ negative vibrations from entering your energy field and transmuting your anxieties or worries into positive thoughts and behavior that will help you grow and develop.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding or dreading spending time with a specific person or group of people because you feel drained or depressed afterward?

We cannot always avoid such situations, but we can use hematite to protect our auras from the effects of such “psychic vampires”.

Hematite Health Benefits

Emotionally, hematite is very useful for timid people or those who suffer from social anxiety.

Hematite is a strong stone that imparts confidence, boosts self-esteem, and reclaims our power.

Hematite and Addictions 

Do you feel that you could achieve so much more than you are currently allowing yourself?

Hematite will help dissolve self-imposed limitations and is especially helpful as a support stone for anyone trying to overcome addictions.

It brings to the surface all of those unfulfilled desires and needs that you are only vaguely aware of and which are causing you to seek solace in food, drinks, drugs, or other compulsions.

Hematite and Shadow Work 

Are you ready to discover the Hard Truths that will set you free?

Hematite is your crystal. Its power draws out the deep-rooted traumas that your conscious mind has either buried or covered so successfully that you are no longer aware of them.

These traumas and experiences will affect you in the present, even when you suppress them.

You may be struggling to find happiness, contentment, a sense of purpose, or other ways to enhance your life. 

You can gently but persistently unravel the root cause of your discontent through regular use of this stone.

Although this type of shadow work can be challenging, it will bring you closer to new truths that will ultimately lead to an immense spiritual and emotional reward.

Physical Health Benefits of Hematite

“I am grounded and connected to the earth with every deep breath.”

Hematite is used in treating any blood disorder, including poor circulation, clotting, and vitamin and nutrient absorption.

Hematite is also beneficial for treating anemia, kidney disorders, menstrual cramps, and nervous disorders. It provides strength in cases of muscle weakness or cramps.

Use Hematite with Intuition

If you have a physical condition that you wish to alleviate and want to complement any medication or treatments you are receiving, use your intuition to choose crystals.

You may find that hematite “calls” to you if you allow your instincts and your body to guide you. If, on the other hand, a crystal seems to repel or push you away, that is a sure sign that it is not right for you at the time.

Do you have a particular favorite? Have you experienced any of the benefits of hematite?

If so, please share your thoughts in the comments box at the end of this article. We always love to hear from you!

Hematite And Chakras 

Hematite vibrates in alignment with both the energies of Mother Earth and with our Base or Root chakras.

The Base chakra is concerned with our material safety and security, and when it is in balance, we feel positively connected to the world around us.

We also feel strong, confident, and courageous enough to take risks to enable us to move forward and achieve our goals.

If the Base chakra is out of balance, blocked, or functioning weakly, we can experience feelings of unfounded dread and anxieties.

These feelings of fear can keep us paralyzed and stuck in the present, too afraid to venture out of our shell. If left unchecked, these feelings can soon become very debilitating, leading to depression and apathy in all areas of our lives.

Treat any imbalances in the Base chakra by placing hematite on your lower abdomen, between your knees if sitting cross-legged, and close to your feet if standing.

On each breath, consciously call upon the grounding, stabilizing properties of this stone’s energies and draw them into your body through the soles of your feet.

Visualize the energies settling like a massive, smooth, black, and shiny pebble about an orange’s size in your lower pelvic region.

Imagine the energies sitting there and enabling you to stay connected to the healing powers of the Earth.

If you wish to add a little physical activity to the ritual, place your hands on your hips and slowly rotate them, beginning at the ankle, up through the knees.

As you do this, roll the hematite pebble around your pelvic girdle, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Notice how this makes you feel, both emotionally and physically.

Hematite for Love and Relationships 

Hematite has excellent balancing qualities, which means that it is the best stone to employ if you want to avoid dramas in your love life and relationships with others.

Hematite can protect you from the attention-seeking, manipulative behavior that seems to attract some people like a magnet.


We all know the benefits of cultivating an attitude of gratitude, and hematite can help you to nurture and foster this in your dealings with loved ones.

It will help you learn how to appreciate what you have right here and now and keep you grounded when dealing with criticism.

Cultivating gratitude is a characteristic of your nature is probably the most beneficial thing you can do for the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Reclaim your Power 

Do you feel that you give in to others’ demands even when you are sure that another way of approaching the situation would lead to a better outcome?

Do you tend to bend too much to another’s will at the expense of your peace of mind?

Hematite can support you in regaining your convictions and lovingly communicating these to family, lovers, and friends.

Thoughts On The Power Of Hematite

Hematite is a firm favorite with most crystal healers because of the power of its vibration.

Although it is a warrior stone and the energies it emits are healthy and vibrant, the crystal itself is, in fact, relatively fragile and should be cleaned and treated with care.

Thus, paradoxically, hematite needs to be nurtured and cared for by its owner.

Think of the expressions we use to describe people who present a tough exterior to the world while hiding a softer, gentler nature inside, and you will see why hematite is a popular crystal.

This metaphor of appearing strong on the outside and delicate inside directly mirrors how we humans often give so much more attention to our Ego and the way we seem to the outside world than we do to nurturing our souls.

Emotionally, hematite brings many benefits to the user.

As it also makes striking and beautiful jewelry pieces, it is easy to access the energies of hematite through wearing earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces made from this beautiful stone.

Wearing or carrying hematite can help you to control a volatile temper, diffuse anger in others, dispel and release negativity, and confer feelings of self-worth and confidence.

Each crystal you find or buy has different properties, but have you ever wondered how these commonly accepted qualities came to be acknowledged and accepted?

Just as in herb lore, crystals’ healing and metaphysical properties are the product of centuries of observation and use by people worldwide.

Please take a moment to share your observations, thoughts, and feelings on any of the information you have read here.

If you have found hematite beneficial in areas not mentioned in this article, we would love to hear about it.

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