Black obsidian meaning & healing properties

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Obsidian is a stone without boundaries. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian, and of the many varieties and colors of Obsidian, black is the most potent and fast-acting.

Formed from molten lava which cooled so quickly that it did not have time to crystallize, Obsidian presents as a shiny, glassy stone that is very efficient when used for scrying purposes.

Black Obsidian Meaning

You need to handle Obsidian carefully, especially if it brings unpleasant truths to the surface. You can then confront your shadow side. However, once this is done, the benefits are enormous.

With the help of Obsidian, we can grow emotionally and spiritually, address physical conditions and ailments which may have their root causes deep within our emotional past, heal festering traumas and facilitate going back into our past lives to access forgotten wisdom.

Black Obsidian is a creative and powerful stone.

It can ground spiritual and soul energies into the physical plane and bring them into our conscious minds where we can control and utilize them for the good of all.

Black Obsidian has excellent protection and transmutation powers and can provide real, reliable support during change times.

How Can Black Obsidian Benefit You? 

The vibrational frequencies of Black Obsidian are potent, and you can harness them quickly.

One of the most valuable benefits of this crystal is its ability to form an energetic cord from the Base chakra down into the Earth, keeping you tethered to the stabilizing energies of the Earth and allowing you to remain calm and undisturbed even during moments of great stress.

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Black Obsidian possesses many metaphysical qualities, not least the ability to keep you safe and protected from negative vibrations, energies, and entities.

It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts or behaviors.
Do you ever feel that you are drifting, disconnected from the majority of people around you?

Black Obsidian will help you to come back to your grounded center and to understand why you may have cut yourself off from others.

Black Obsidian and Self-Awareness

If you have experienced betrayal or hurtful words and behavior from other people, Black Obsidian can help you to regain your self-esteem and composure.

It can show you how your actions may be making such behavior in others manifest towards you and help you take back your real power to benefit all concerned.

Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit

Black Obsidian has the power to integrate your spiritual truths into your auric and etheric bodies.

Your spiritual truth can then be further grounded and aligned with your physical body by using this crystal to ground chakra rituals and healing.

When you use Black Obsidian as a grounding stone, you harness the ancient wisdom and truths that your soul has collected on its journey, sometimes through many incarnations.

You can then manifest this into your physical reality in the present.

Black Obsidian and Health

Emotional Health Benefits of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian helps to soothe wayward or extreme emotions by bringing you back to your true self and reaffirming your connection to the Universe and the energies of planet Earth.

Black Obsidian and Your True Self

Psychologically, Black Obsidian can uncover the truth of who you are.

Other people’s perceptions of us can affect how we see ourselves. Black Obsidian strips away these effects, giving us back our integrity and power.

This stone carries the vibrations of compassion and strength and can give you a clear vision of your strengths and any weaknesses you may wish to address.

Rediscover Your Talents

A good question to ask of this stone in meditation is, “How can I use my gifts and talents for the Highest Good?”

Do you ever feel as if you have nothing to give to the world?
Or perhaps that you are undervalued and marginalized by others?

Try working with Black Obsidian to reconnect with the skills, abilities, and qualities you naturally possess.

You may be surprised at the outcome! Share your experiences in the comments below to encourage others who may be struggling with this issue.

Physical Health Benefits of Black Obsidian

In biological applications, Black Obsidian is beneficial for the digestive system.

An elixir is a soothing remedy for shock. Black Obsidian can dissolve blockages in the body’s natural energy system and help relieve pain from swollen joints, arthritis, and cramps.

Black Obsidian and Chakras

Black Obsidian resonates in its vibrational frequency most strongly with the Base or Root chakra.

If our Base chakra is out of balance or working too hard, we may feel that we will never achieve the material and physical safety we desire.

An imbalance in the Base chakra can lead to fear, dread, and anxiety, which keeps us stuck, too afraid to take action even when we know that we need to do something about our situation.

If you have a weak base chakra, this may well show up as lower back pain or stiffness in the hips.

Place Black Obsidian on the base of the spine or between the knees and feet and begin to breathe the stone’s energies up into your lower abdomen.

Relax your upper body as you do this and place your awareness into your feet, knees, and pelvic region.

Feel the power and strength returning to these areas as you continue to concentrate only on exchanging energy with the crystal and your lower chakras.

This ritual will bring you back into your body, strengthen your base, and allow you to see your material situation for what it is.

Unfounded fears will be dissolved, allowing you to take action with confidence to improve your life, your mood, and your relationships.

Thoughts on the Power of Black Obsidian

The maxim “handle with care” could have been coined for this stone.

It needs to be used in a discerning way if you intend to change how you feel and behave in the world.

It also requires careful handling from you as Black Obsidian absorbs negativity every time it is used in this way.

Cleanse your crystal in water after every healing use, if possible, to keep its vibration high and clear.

Black Obsidian is an excellent healer and has an almost muscular presence when put to use to alleviate physical and emotional conditions.

It is an effective cleanser of both psychic smog and geopathic stress, as well as protecting from negative energies and vibrations that may be encroaching on your space.

Black Obsidian has the reputation of stimulating the gifts of prophecy and precognition. Many mediums and psychics use it to boost their scrying abilities.

This crystal can help you remove and transmute the energies of anger, bitterness, resentment, or fear from your own emotional body.

You may also find that Black Obsidian’s energies aid you in connecting to your spirit guides and messengers.

Although Black Obsidian is used primarily with the base chakra, you can also place it on the Third eye to help you discover your life purpose in this incarnation on Earth.

Do you ever feel as though you have been here before?

If you think that you may be here on Earth now to resolve an issue from a past life, Black Obsidian can help you discover your life purpose and show you the path you need to walk to live the best experience possible.

If you are naturally drawn to this stone, it may be because you have latent psychic gifts that you might like to develop.

Many of us continue to adhere to outdated beliefs and ways of speaking or behaving, which no longer have a place in our lives. We cling to these beliefs only through conditioning or a lack of self-awareness.

The great gift of Black Obsidian lies in its power to open our eyes to our own needs. Black Obsidian brings greater clarity of mind, clearing confusion and dissolving constricting beliefs.

Black Obsidian for Love and Relationships 

Black Obsidian is a beneficial stone to call upon when you are ready to sever ties with people who no longer have a place in your life, for whatever reason.

Some individuals enter our lives for short periods to teach us a specific lesson, and we need to be able to let them go productively and lovingly at times.

This crystal can help you to remove and transmute the energies of anger, bitterness, resentment, or fear from your own emotional body, helping to revive the joy in existing relationships or to encourage new love to come to you.

Clearing Negativity in Love Relationships

Black Obsidian is not a traditional choice as a stone for love, but it has many positive attributes for creating a healthy relationship.

For example, if you find that you and your partner are constantly bickering, this crystal can help you to wash away all of the bad energies that may have crept into your shared, energetic space.

Constant bickering can produce a negative atmosphere that can slowly erode the trust in a relationship and needs to be removed before it consumes the love and compassion you need in any healthy partnership.

Your opinions on the quality and content of this article are always welcome. Please feel free to share any thoughts you have about the uses of Black Obsidian here. Have you found it to be useful in ways that we have not mentioned? If so, let us know.

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