Aventurine meaning & healing properties

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Aventurine is a stone of both protection and prosperity. It has a strong connection to the kingdoms of nature (the Devic kingdom).

Gardeners and farmers often use it to grid the Earth where edible crops will be grown. Aventurine comes in many colors.

This article will look at this crystal’s physical and metaphysical properties and how you can use the different colors to benefit you emotionally and physically.

Aventurine Meaning

Aventurine encourages abundance into your life in all areas. It protects against environmental pollution and geopathic stress.

Taped to a cell phone, it will neutralize the harmful electromagnetic waves that emanate from these devices. It has psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits, including its ability to balance the masculine and feminine energies within your etheric body.  

How will Aventurine Benefit You?

The most common and popular variety of Aventurine is Green Aventurine, which is often used in jewelry and tumbled stones for healing grids or other work.

Green Aventurine comforts and supports the heart and is a beautiful all-around healer stone for physical and mental well-being.

Wearing and using Aventurine will promote courage and compassion. It will also protect you from psychic attacks and attract love, abundance, and success to you.

Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Aventurine is a lucky stone. Place it in the North corner of your home to attract wealth and financial abundance to your household, and in the West corner to attract love or improve existing relationships.

Red Aventurine Special Properties

As with many red colored crystals, Red Aventurine is good for boosting energy levels and inspiring new ways of living a healthy life.

It will enable you to overcome issues stemming from the ego and build confidence through a healthy dose of humility. Red Aventurine calms an overheated temper and promotes forgiveness of the self and others.

It supports the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems while boosting the immune system. It is a stone of passion, creativity, endurance, perseverance, and success.

Aventurine and Health 

Green Aventurine supports many health issues, and its main benefit lies in how it takes you back to the past to find the real sources of dis-ease.

Green Aventurine allows you to delve into your past and any previous incarnations your soul has experienced on this planet. It facilitates uncovering the truth about your feelings and the effects of your experiences on Earth.

When the results are harmful to your health, physical or mental, Green Aventurine clears away their negative vibrations, replacing them with positive ones. 

Emotional Health Benefits of Aventurine

Emotionally, Aventurine is a great comforter and nurturer. It calms you in situations that you find difficult or challenging, allays fears, and soothes anxiety.

Aventurine brings a sense of compassion to any problem, including compassion for the self. It encourages forgiveness and opens the Hearts of all who are involved in any form of emotional conflict.

Physical Health Benefits of Aventurine 

Aventurine is an excellent all-around healer stone. It acts beneficially on the thymus gland, connective tissue, and the nervous system. Aventurine soothes the eyes, eases skin conditions and allergies.

It also protects the heart and lowers cholesterol, balances blood pressure, and stimulates the metabolism. This crystal heals the adrenal glands, lungs, sinuses, and urogenital systems.

Have you found Aventurine, of any color, to benefit you in alleviating physical conditions? Do you use Aventurine to support you emotionally?

If so, please leave a comment at the end of this article. We would love to read about your experiences of using this crystal.

Aventurine and Chakras

Aventurine balances the flow of masculine and feminine forces within the body’s meridian and energy systems. It brings the Yin (feminine) energies into harmony with the Yang (masculine) strengths.

So that our auric field maintains its integrity, protecting us from negative influences and enabling us to access all of our innate inner wisdom so that we can be both creative and dynamic in achieving our goals and desires.

Green Aventurine

The vibration of the Green Aventurine aligns with the Heart center. The Heart chakra is the middle of the seven chakras and is responsible not only for our ability to give and receive love but also for keeping the upper and lower chakras in balance with each other.

If we concentrate too much on the upper chakras, we can become disconnected from our environments and the people around us.

If we are too focused on our lower chakras, we can lose sight of our spiritual and intuitive natures and become attached to the material world and possessions.

The Heart

If your Heart center is blocked, frozen, or out of balance, you will find that you suffer from a lack of trust in others, are unwilling to commit to them, or unable to give love.

You will also find it very difficult to accept the love trying to reach you from other people and otherworldly sources such as spirit guides, angels, and heavenly messengers. 

Green Aventurine is used to activate, open, and support your Heart chakra. Wearing a necklace or pendant made from Green Aventurine close to your Heart chakra is an excellent way to make sure that your Heart chakra is open all day long.

Blue Aventurine

This color supports your Third Eye and Throat chakras. It improves communication, especially verbal communication, and gives you the confidence to speak your truth without fear.

It will also counteract any negative self-talk. When your Throat chakra is out of balance, you will feel that people don’t hear you when you want to say something important.

You will also find it very difficult to express your true feelings and opinions because you are afraid of being mocked or ridiculed.

Blue Aventurine opens the Throat chakra and allows all negative or stagnant energies to be washed away and transmuted into positive vibrations. This crystal also removes the effects of any lies, big and small, you have told to protect yourself.

Third Eye

Blue Aventurine opens your Third Eye gently so that you can make positive connections with spirit and with your inner wisdom and intuition. Blue Aventurine is a powerful mental healer. 

Thoughts on the Power of Aventurine 

Aventurine is used to support astral travel and soul-journeying. It has the power to take you back into the past and uncover traumas and emotional issues that are affecting you in the present moment.

Aventurine is a potent prosperity stone and is excellent for attracting to you the resources, money, and opportunities you need to realize your dreams.

This crystal is used to treat stammering and severe neuroses by showing you what has caused the condition and bringing understanding, allowing you to address it.  

Bullying and Manipulation 

Aventurine will guard you against bullying and verbal abuse. Do you ever feel intimidated by the language used by others?

If this makes you unhappy at work, for example, use Aventurine to give you the strength and courage you need to speak out and defend yourself.

If the threat comes more subtly, Aventurine will act as a protector while you sort through the factors causing this behavior through manipulation and emotional abuse.

It also dispels the negative energies and allows you to firmly set boundaries so that the action stops affecting you.


Aventurine is a powerfully creative stone. It stabilizes your state of mind and stimulates your imagination and imaginative faculties. This is how Aventurine has become such an adequate prosperity and abundance stone.

It opens your mind to new possibilities and ways of doing things; it stimulates your passion for creating something new and clarifies your thinking to find new solutions to old problems. 

This stone allows your intellectual and emotional energies to integrate. It connects your logical thoughts to your true desires, wants, and hopes. It is very beneficial for dealing with irritation and anger, including oneself.

Do you ever tell yourself that you are “stupid” or that you “always get it wrong?” Constant self-criticism like this will have a severe negative impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Aventurine dissolves the effects of such self-talk and encourages you to choose to treat yourself with respect, compassion, and understanding.


Green Aventurine is auspicious for those looking for love in their later years. Its soothing properties also help to calm tempers and resolve arguments within relationships.

The luck that Green Aventurine brings extends to matters of the heart, so wearing a piece or giving it as a gift to a loved one is sure to improve your love life.


Aventurine is a good meditation stone because it has a supportive and protective vibration. No matter what uncomfortable truths come up for you during a self-reflective meditation, this crystal will help you deal with them safely and positively.

You can use all varieties and colors of Aventurine in meditations. Blue Aventurine, placed on your Third Eye, will allow you to access important messages from the Universe and your guides and messengers.

We would love to hear about your own meditation experiences with this crystal, so don’t forget to leave us a comment below.

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